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Klymit: Your Ultimate Backpacking & Hiking Gear Destination

Enjoying the thrill of the great outdoors doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Historically, the supplies needed for a successful camping trip have been large, heavy and inefficient. Enter Klymit. 
Through the development of a new welding technology and a different way of thinking, Klymit has created an outstanding line-up including air mattresses, sleeping mats, camp pillows and other ultralight backpacking and hiking gear. 
All of our products have been designed to provide maximum functionality and comfort in almost any environment. Our ultralight sleeping mats and come in many styles and sizes to fit every need and compliment the only packs that are customisable and dampen vibration. We have even designed an advanced inflatable raft for backpacking that can be packed into such a small size that you will barely even notice it’s in your pack!
Klymit allows you to “Kontrol the Elements” by enhancing your camping, backpacking, hunting or other outdoor experiences without burdening you with excess weight. 


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Ultralight Air Mattresses & Sleeping Mats

Our ultralight sleeping mats and air mattresses come in two basic categories: Inertia Pads and Static Pads. The Inertia Pads are the lightest full-length sleeping mats available on the market today, featuring minimalist designs, outstanding comfort and exceptional durability in a full range of sizes. 

The economical Static Pads are designed to compete with the standard air mattress, yet includes many ground-breaking innovations that no other brand can offer. By limiting air movement and heat loss with our patented design and cutting-edge insulation technology, you will get better support and comfort without having to pay a higher price. 

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Lightweight Sleeping Bags Designed for the Outdoors

Our award-winning, extra warm sleeping bags will take you comfortably through every season. Rated for temperatures as low as -7°C, they are also light and compact to eliminate the bulkiness of a traditional sleeping bag and make travel easier.
Featuring tough, high-tenacity fabrics and white duck down fill for exceptional warmth without the cost of extra weight, Klymit sleeping bags can be paired with a camping sleeping mat for an all-in-one, completely packable and ultra-comfortable sleep, no matter where you are. 

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Inflatable Rafts & Dinghies

Klymit’s LiteWater Dinghy is a revolutionary new blow up raft, designed in collaboration with pro kayakers and pack rafters to deliver better stability, support and comfort. With an innovative arrow shape, ergonomic seating and back support, our inflatable raft makes it possible to manoeuvre and paddle with greater ease and efficiency. 

Weighing less than 1kg and packing down to the size of a water bottle, the LiteWater Dinghy is quickly and easily inflated and deflated to provide the most convenient and lightweight pack raft solution. 

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Camp Pillows & Camp Chairs

With our range of inflatable camping pillows and chairs, you can experience the ultimate in outdoor comfort no matter where you are. Easily inflated with just a few breaths and packing down to fit in your pocket, you can save space without compromising on your comfort. 

Camp pillows feature a clever self-centring design to keep your head stable all through the night, and our versatile camp chairs can also double as a camping pillow for twice the possibilities. And with 100% adjustable firmness and thickness, you can always sleep just the way you like. 

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The Revolutionary Technology Behind our Hiking Gear

Our leading-edge designs and technology have transformed the way you enjoy the outdoors. Gone are the days of large, bulky equipment – with a new way of thinking, we have created a versatile, lightweight and durable line of backpacking and hiking gear for the modern age. 

Introducing the world-leading technology behind our sleeping mats: 

Body mapping technology mirrors the human anatomy to conform to the way you sleep. Whether it’s on your side, back or stomach, the Klymit sleeping mat will support every inch of your body to deliver improved comfort and a better night’s sleep, no matter where you are. 

Incorporating engineered air dispersion, dynamic flow control, our unique V-shaped chamber and patented valve, our sleeping mats emulate the contours and muscular structure of your body while dispersing pressure evenly and consistently for a stable, supportive sleep all through the night. 


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Loft pocket technology applies a strategic design of loft pockets and deep welds for better insulation, warmth and breathability. By placing your camping sleeping mat either underneath or inside your sleeping bag, it captures warmth throughout the whole sleeping bag – not just at the bottom, the way standard sleeping mats do.

The loft pockets and deep welds in the Klymit sleeping mat keep it thick, soft and puffy all night long while also increasing thermal efficiency and making it lighter in your pack for even easier travel. 


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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Klymit is proud to maintain the highest level of quality in all our materials and workmanship, and offer a limited lifetime warranty as standard on all our gear. In most cases and at our discretion, we are also happy to replace defective products. 
To make a warranty claim, please fill out and submit our warranty and service claim form or call our customer service team on (07) 3245 6190. 

Hiking Gear for Every Outdoor Experience

Klymit makes the outdoors more comfortable than ever before with our ultralight backpacking and hiking gear. Whether you’re camping, hiking, mountain biking or pack rafting, our rugged and versatile product range has changed the way you experience nature – without holding you back. 

Our unique, patented designs and revolutionary technology means improved comfort and a better night’s sleep, wherever you are. Keep your pack light and experience the Klymit difference for yourself today. 

For enquiries or more information about any of our products or technologies, please get in touch! We’re always happy to talk. 

Phone: (07) 3245 6190


You can also fill out our online enquiry form or find a Klymit retailer near you to see our range of high-grade hiking gear for yourself in person. 


Klymit sleeping pads are revolutionary in that they mirror the human anatomy.  They provide a sleeping surface designed specifically to offer more comfort and a better night’s sleep whether you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach

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This exclusive, patent pending technology makes our camping pads the most versatile. Whether the pad is under your sleeping bag or inside of it, the pad allows your sleeping bag to stay puffy beneath you, capturing the warmth from your whole sleeping bag and not just the top.

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Sleeping Mats and Camping Pads

 Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable while sleeping. Get a good, warm, and comfortable night’s rest while enjoying the outdoors by purchasing one of our high quality sleeping pads today.




Lite-water dinghy

Designed with input from Pro kayakers and packrafters, the LWD is an advanced pack raft that will beckon adventurers toward new horizons.



Camp pillows and chair

One of the best parts about an outdoor trip is when you have set up camp and get to enjoy a little time sitting around the fire surrounded by nature. You can make this experience a little more comfortable and convenient with Klymit’s camp pillows and chairs.



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