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Sleeping Mats by Klymit

Enjoying the thrill of the great outdoors doesn’t have to be on uncomfortable sleeping mats. Historically, the supplies needed for a successful camping trip have been large, heavy and inefficient. Klymit’s different.

With new welding technologies and a different way or thinking we have developed superior camping gear and sleeping mats. Klymit has created an outstanding line-up including air mattresses, sleeping pads, camp pillows and other ultralight backpacking and hiking gear.

All of our products have been designed to provide maximum functionality and comfort in almost any environment. Our ultralight sleeping pads come in many styles and sizes to fit every need. Our backpacks compliment the sleeping pads and are customisable and dampen vibration. And our Pillows, Sleeping Bags and Accessories continue to provide lightweight, durable and rugged camping gear option.

You can also visit the brand’s USA website here to learn more about why these sleepings mats have developed a devoted brand following. Klymit devotes a lot of time and dollars on their entire product range to come up with comfortable solutions so you can enjoy the outdoors even more. With lightweight and rugged accessories it’s no wonder that Kylmit is one of the fastest growing outdoor brands in the world.

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