Bike Packing Technology

Bikepacking the Klymit Way

Technical Sleep and Carry Systems for multi day bikepack trip and tours.

Klymit and bikepacking are the perfect match. With ultra-light sleeping pads and dialed packs that dampen vibrations when riding any terrain, Klymit products are ideally suited for all of your bikepacking adventures. Our products can’t be matched in comfort, pack size and lightweight savings.

Bikepacking Products

Sleeping pads: The Klymit line is the only line of pads designed by bikepackers. Boasting Body Mapping technology, every sleeping pad is designed to increase your ability to recharge, recover, and sleep all through the night. Plus, they pack down small enough to fit in your saddle bag, triangle bag, pack, bar bag and even your cockpit bag.

Featured products:

Inertia X Lite: Weighing it at 6.1 oz, the Inertia X Lite is the lightest and most technically advanced ¾ length pad on the market.

Inertia X Wave: Weighing in at 10.5 oz, this ¾ sized pad features a built-in pillow and side rails.

Inertia X Frame: The widely acclaimed Inertia X Frame features loft pockets, a minimalist body map and weighs in at only 9 oz.

Inertia O Zone: With an integrated pillow, the Inertia O Zone combines the warmth from the Static series with the weight savings from the Inertia line. It weighs in at 13.2 oz.

Static V2: Weighing in at 16.33 oz, the Static V2 uses high end fabrics to lighten the load.

Motion and Stash Packs: Highlighting Klymit’s proprietary Air Frame, the ultra-light yet bomber Motion packs are the most comfortable packs on the market featuring bikepacking specific components to dampen vibration and increase both comfort and energy conservation. Once you get your sag dialed in, be prepared to experience bikepacking Nirvana.

Motion 35: Weighing in at 1.3 lbs, the Motion 35 pack features Klymit’s signature Air Frame. The Air Frame allows for a perfect and dynamic carry, increasing energy, stiffness, comfort and customization.

 Stash 18: A luxuriously comfortable technical daypack that weighs nothing but is a juggernaut in shuffling your load and ease of use. It features the brand new V Flow Frame that offers unmatched comfort and adjustability.

Sleeping bags: Light, compact, and with warmth enhancing stretch baffles, the KSB 20 bags are the perfect compliment to your bikepacking kit.

Featured products:

KSB 20 Down: A high-end 20 degree down sleeping bag weighing in at 2.59 lbs.

KSB 20 Synthetic: A 10 degree synthetic sleeping bag weighing in at 3.2 lbs.

LiteWater Dinghy: This pack raft is a game changer for your bikepacking adventures. You now have the ability to have a little fun on the water during your adventures. Featuring an advanced boat shape that tracks water, in addition to an ergonomic seating position that allows a comfortable and upright paddling position, the LiteWater Dinghy is easy to use on the water. Weighing in at 35oz and packing down to 4 x 9 inches, you’ll forget you had it in your pack.

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