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What does an R-Rating mean on your sleeping mat? 

What does an R-Rating mean on your sleeping mat 

What does an R-Rating mean on your sleeping mat? 

Hands up if you’ve ever been out camping and had one of those night’s sleep where you just can’t get warm…We thought so. Investing in a mat with a higher R-Rating might just be your solution.

An R-Rating is basically a technical term for how thermally-resistant a material is. These ratings are commonly used when insulating houses, but we also use the same unit of measurement for thermal rating our camping gear. The higher the R-Rating on a product, the more thermal resistance it has (or warmer you will be). The R-Value is also referring to the R-Rating.

When it comes to camping, especially in colder climates, the role that your sleeping mat plays in keeping you cosy can be just as important as your sleeping bag. Having a high R-Rated sleeping mat means that it will not only restrict the cold coming up from the ground, but it will also restrict your body heat from being lost through the mat.

How Klymit achieves their high R-Value is by the addition of a membrane that runs through the centre of our insulated mats. This keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. While additional insulation adds a fraction more weight and size to the mat, you will be thankful if you are intending to sleep somewhere where the temperature drops into the negatives. Depending on what R-Rating you require the Klymit brand ranges from a value of 1.3 for non-insulated mats to 4.4 on insulated versions. The lowest rating mat is the Static V at 1.3 and the higher rating sleeping mats at 4.4 is the popular Insulated Static V or the Insulated Static V Luxe.

With the Klymit range of sleeping mats, we also achieve additional insulation through the ‘V’ shaped lifts featured on both sides of the mat. These deep lofts allows air to stay between you and the mat, and the mat and the ground which has an increased insulating effect. A lot of mats on the market today have shallow lofts or they are simply flat which means you are squashing the insulation out as soon as you lie down!

So next time you go camping, consider where you are going and what the temperature will be overnight. Knowing this will help you select the right sleeping mat for you and make sure you have a comfortable night.